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The Institute for Computing and Informatics Studies (ICIS) of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM) has as a mission to promote scientific research and the development of technologies in computing and informatics. The research activities being developed under ICIS can be described along three fundamental lines.

The first line deals with the formulation of conceptual models for the automated processing of information in large scale, distributed network infrastructures. Great advances in sensors/actuators, digital communications, wireless networking, and computational and information processing technologies are demanding new models aimed at improving our seamless understanding and interaction with our physical world or sensory reality. Such modeling activity also requires awareness on social and economic factors influencing the successful adoption of new approaches and technologies.

The second line deals with the development of new theory and algorithms for gathering, processing, and efficiently representing data obtained from diverse sources. For instance, non-traditional concepts in software development are needed to develop reconfigurable, multimode interfaces to render information important to end-users.

Finally, the third line deals with the development of concepts in middleware (web/grid) service integration and as well as virtualization and pervasive storage techniques for an ever changing network service infrastructure and provide a pathway between a physical world sensory reality, with its associated physical sensors, and a particular user, with his/her network infrastructure service-oriented needs.

Expertise from ICIS researchers is being utilized to address problems associated with disaster management, environmental surveillance, and bioinformatics.


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